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Randy Kent

Senior Editor

Randy's career has covered nearly the entire realm of video production. With early experience as an actor, he worked his way all the way up the chain to producing, directing and editing feature films. He quickly realized that not only was he efficient with the computer, but he also had a keen eye for timing and details. Randy has since edited countless commercials, promos, shorts, webisodes and industrials while proving himself a respected mentor for many young minds in the business. 

Clients Directed and Edited for: Virgin, Crystal Sky, DIRECTV, East West Bank, CW3PR, Summertime Entertainment, YPO, WPO, Liz Travis Management, Bagboy Productions, Zeropoint30 Productions, Gratwick Films, Hoofta Productions, Lunex Telecom, Nature’s Cure, Seafood City Supermarkets, Grill City, Veeda USA, The Cotton Council, My RPR