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Authors Talk About It - Executive Producer Writes Book About Son's World Travels

Jamee Natella is an executive producer with offices of her company, Blueyed Pictures, located in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London.  Over the last two decades, her experience as a producer in the entertainment industry has taken her across the globe and fostered strong relationships in the entertainment sector. She has produced for television, feature films, commercials, digital branded content, corporate films and multimedia. Natella’s success with clients such as Virgin America, Mitsubishi, Pepsi and other AAA brands laid the groundwork to create a global service production company to serve both advertising agencies and clients direct.

Sharing her travels with her young son, Sam, she is writing a book series entitled, I Am Sam in _____ (Tokyo, London, Los Angeles).  She shares about their experiences as well as the cultural differences that Sam is curious about.

Listen to full interview here.