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Producer Jamee Natella Talks Career, Motherhood, and Ambition in LVBX Magazine.

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In Hollywood with Jamee Natella in Daria! Magazine

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From luxury vehicles to sports photography, British born Simon Needham does it all for Blueyed Pictures.

Simon Needham is Blueyed Pictures’ newest sports photographer. Capturing the essence of the workout behind every bead of sweat, Simon has a knack for bringing stills to life.

His raw talent and attention to detail allow him to capture movement and energy flawlessly. From cars to people—every moment in each movement is sexy and sleek.

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From VFX Supervising to 2nd Unit Directing, Sean Faden makes 90’s kids the happiest generation.

Millennials’ and Marvel fanatics can rejoice - the new Power Rangers film is here! Blueyed Pictures’ own Sean Faden is credited as the 2nd Unit Director on this weekend's wide release blockbuster, Power Rangers.


From London to LA - Simon Needham captures the rising fitness trends in LA LA Land.

Every corner in LA is the home of the newest fitness trend. But in West Hollywood, Burn 60 Studios rises above the rest.

Fitness director and photographer Simon Needham captures the essence of their brand and the quality of the exercise in their new sports feature series.


Tasha Oldham delves into the historic threads of cotton.

“My approach is to start with the values of a company and capture the unique authentic moments that reflect those values in meaningful memorable ways.”

And that is just what she did for Cotton. Known for her emotional work, Tasha peels back the layers of the cotton industry to get to the heart of a cozy industry for her latest docu-style project for Cramer-Krasselt and the Cotton Council. Showing the entire family, their business and the heart, soul and devotion to farming the land in the USA.


Jamee Natella - Recipe For Living Life With Passion & Purpose in City & Country Magazine

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