Blueyed Pictures

LA. London. Tokyo.

Brian Bain brings a unique docu-style angle to his corporate brand work from experience through long-form storytelling and documentary filmmaking. Bain expertly applies his style of visual messaging to a broad range of clients including Miller Beer, Denny's, HGTV, NFL, ESPN, Lowes, Dairy Queen and Pepsi. He has also directed TV and award shows like ABC’s Emmy Awards, “The Bachelor” and “Super Nanny.”

Born and raised in New Orleans, Bain recently traveled through Louisiana shooting a campaign for the Louisiana Board of Tourism. He also recently completed a light comedy project for HEB Groceries titled “Primo Picks” featuring Andrew Hawtrey.  Bain’s film credits include the critically acclaimed documentary, “Shalom Y’all,” which screened at over 40 festivals domestically and internationally and aired on the Sundance Channel as well as PBS.